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Unemployables Vol. 8



It takes a fearless producer to push the envelope to develop an alternate sound. The music maker experiments with sounds from different genres and additionally samples previous songs to create new concepts which is highly prevalent in Hip Hop.” - Royal Bey

Hip Hop Weekly

Sario is a believer of being an innovator when it comes to creating music. It isn’t many producers willing to create new sounds, nonetheless, Sario is fearless.” - Hardcore Flava


The promising Canadian producer is on the right track as his work ethic, talents and determination have landed him a slew of opportunities.” - MinneeTellsitAll

KAZI Magazine

On a mission to define the sound of Vancouver; a city with a growing underground hip hop scene that has remained untapped by the mainstream market.” - Lost Boy Ent.

Disrupt Magazine

When it comes to everything that they have put out for people to see and hear, they know how to do it.” - Simon Hatflied

California Herald

After a few studio sessions, it was clear that these three artists were onto something that hadn’t been done before. ” - Chris Anderson

Vents Magazine

With its high-energy, this song is a must have on all party playlists.” - Hardcore Flava


Taking the music industry by storm”

Hip Hop Overload

By either pushing out new ideas or expanding on existing ones, he has a lot on his plate but holds music as a top priority.” - Kyle Matthews

The American Reporter

Every fan interaction means the world to them and only motivates and pushes them to create more.” - John Tronconi

America Daily Post

Putting Un!dentified and YBN Nahmir on a track together is the perfect recipe for a hit” - Marilyn Reles

The Hype Magazine

But, through dedication and never losing sight of their goals as a group, they’re still a successful group today.” - The Wrapper Staff

The Wrapper Staff

With Sukhan on the production side of things, there is never a lack of ideas or resources when it comes to writing, producing, and recording” - Breanna Marcelo

Sidedoor Mag

From the start of the song, we play close attention to the production, knowing Sukhan is behind it.” - Kevin Taylor

London Daily Post

Already working with multiple artists, Sukhan has been creating a solo name for himself as a producer.” - Christian Anderson


With a constant flow of instrumentals from Sukhan and well-composed lyrics to fit Justin and Harman, this group doesn’t need anyone else.” - Armin Motamedi

Elevator Magazine

With both of their track records of putting out high-energy party anthems, this Un!dentified x YBN Nahmir collaboration adds another hit to both their catalogues of party bangers!” - Mis2Bees

The Source

Un!dentified is a hit-making powerhouse as they have maintained in-house writing, creative direction, and production for all their releases” - Royal Bey

Respect Magazine


Sario is a Canadian Music Producer, DJ, Artist, Songwriter and Rapper. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, he soon moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in his early teenage years. Here, he initially gained recognition for being one-third of the Vancouver-based Hip Hop Group Un!dentified. In early 2021, he decided to solely focus on his role as a producer, creative director and songwriter for the group, rather than rapping as well. Along with this, he founded "The Impresarios" to provide production, writing, and creative direction of musical releases to artists of all genres. Sario is a skilled Music Producer, Beatmaker and DJ with over 10 years of experience working in the local Vancouver entertainment, music, and nightlife industries. Sario performs as an artist, writer, composer, and engineer on most of the projects he is a part of. With experience working and performing alongside acts such as YBN Nahmir, A-Boogie Wit a Hoodie, and Rich the Kid, he is the definition of the modern-day Renaissance Artist. From his music and vocal production skills, training in music theory and knowledge of composition, to his abilies to mix, master, write, and perform music, Sario has utilized his multitude of talents to expand his brand and work with musical artists from around the world and various genres. As noted by anyone who listens to his works, Sario is a true master of his craft who will not stop until his work is a masterpiece.

"My passion for music greatly revolves around reaching people's hearts. Music is a phenomenon that achieves more than just sounding good to the ear. When it's done right, it impacts culture, communities, and masses of people, which in turn can propel artists to stardom and new heights. This is my goal with every artist I work with. I see myself as a tool or driving force that allows the artist to make this type of impact." This piece was taken from an interview in which Sario discussed how music is just as important to everyone as it is to the artist, their fans, and the industry. Sario is a large believer of music being the best mode of communication that people have. It's because of this belief that he works as hard as he does to make sure that the message and feeling in the music exactly what the artist intends. This is why he treats music production as more than just beatmaking, and aims to always maintain a very open, free, and judgement-free relationship with the artists he works with. The main objective of The Impresarios is to do more than provide beats and music for songs, but help artists in any way they need to ensure they can express themselves to the highest degree.